Bethel Holiness Church

LaBelle, FL

For nearly 10 Years, many Christians from Holiness Pentecostal churches have gathered in LaBelle each year in the month of July. This year's meeting will be a four day Holiness Convention,

held July 16th thru the 19th at the Bethel Holiness Church. This meeting brings a lot of groups

together for fellowship and services. Food and lodging are provided. To make your reservations, please contact the Convention Secretary by texting 239-297-5377.

*Check-in date will be July 15th at 6 pm*


Breakfast: 8:30 - 10:00 am
Lunch: 1:45 pm
Supper: After Church
Service Speakers

FLHFC Gallery

Bro. Silas Carver

 (P.M. Speaker)

Bro. Nathanael Howell

(A.M. Speaker)

Bro. Billy Brock

(A.M. Speaker)

Bro. Lucas Hedgespeth

(Main A.M. Speaker)

 Bro.Tim Grant

(A.M. Speaker)

Bro. Eugene Dixon

   (A.M. Speaker)