Bethel Holiness Church

LaBelle, FL

      At Bethel, we are praising our Lord and Savior for His numerous wonderous miracles.
Miracles and healings are not of the past, for they are happening right in front of our very eyes. 
                        Healing virtue is real! God is still in the healing business! 
Back in 2013 the doctors were testing Bro. Brock for colon cancer and he had to go to GA for more test, our daughter Melissa was expecting her first baby, so I stayed in Texas with her and Bro. Brock went to Alabama to pick up our daughter Stephanie because she didn’t want him going by his self so she was going to GA with him for the test. While they were driving to GA that morning, I got up and went in the living room of our camper, (we were parked in Melissa’s front yard) as I sat down and started reading my bible I felt really weird and my head started shaking from side to side. I looked over at the lamp and it seemed like it was moving so I thought maybe it was just the camper shaking (so I was hoping) and then I felt really weird and felt like I was going to pass out so I hurried up and ran over to Melissa’s and when I walked in she could tell something was wrong so she said "what’s wrong mom" and I didn’t want to scare her so I started to say I just don’t feel too good and when I opened my mouth to talk it all came out jumbled like I was having a stroke and my hands started drawing up and I couldn’t communicate with her. Melissa called Bro. Brock all tore up and he told her to get me to the ER so we headed to the ER and on the way I had many more of those episodes. They ruled out a stroke and brain tumors and said I was having seizures. I had over 200 episodes in 2 weeks. So my doctor put me on seizure and migraine medicine. 4 or 5 pills a day. For a long time I had seizures about every day. Then it got a little better and I would only have them several times a week. For the last 7 years I’ve had seizures and have had to have help walking and everything. I couldn’t even think right, couldn’t communicate, or anything during the seizures. I had several preachers tell me God was going to heal me. We just kept praying and waiting on my healing. When I would be really tired or something would be really stressful, I would have seizures and I wouldn’t be able to walk or talk and my hands and arms would draw up and I wouldn’t be able to Straighten them out. Bro. Brock and the girls learned how to deal with it and help me through the seizures. It was a very difficult time. I lost my dad back in 2006 and after that, my mind could not handle trauma as far as anything medical. I couldn’t handle anyone getting hurt, it would throw me right into a seizure. This is going to sound crazy but I couldn’t even handle an animal being hurt. I couldn’t go fishing or anything because I couldn’t handle the fish being hooked. Like I said, it sounds crazy. But God!!! God came by on a Sunday morning, May 30th of 2021, at Bethel Holiness Church (in LaBelle, Florida. Our new Home Church) and healed me. After 7 or 8 years and many many seizures more then I could ever count and medicine after medicine God has healed me. I’m off all my medication. Since the day that God healed me the devil has tried his best for me to have another seizure. I’ve been through several terrible situations that would have caused me to have seizures for sure. I’ve had my oldest grandson, Zaiden, Choke on a piece of bacon and I had to do the Heimlich on him, God being my helper. Then, a month or so later, my brother Spencer got covid and after 16 days had to be put in the hospital and it didn’t look good for him. But God came by and touched him and healed him. About a month or so after that, I got a phone call from my brother Rob, telling me he had terrible news to tell me and it was that my baby brother Stacy had just died. He had just turned 37. The day we buried him my daughter Melissa called and said my youngest grandson, August, 2, was bit on the face by the dog and had to have 5 stitches on his cheek and 2 or 3 under his nose. God has helped me through it all. And I have not had one seizure!! All glory to God!! I would have had many seizures and would have had to stay in bed for days if I wouldn’t have been healed. That’s what always happened. I would be so drained mentally and physically that I would sleep for days. God is so Good!! He is a healer!
Testimony of Sis. Jackie Brock