Bethel Holiness Church

LaBelle, FL

F L H F C  2 0 1 9  P I C T U R E S

For nearly 7 Years, many Christians from Holiness Pentecostal churches have gathered in LaBelle each year in the month of July. This years meeting will be a four day Holiness Convention, held July 13th thru the 16th at the Bethel Holiness Church. This meeting brings a lot of groups together for fellowship and services. Food and lodging are provided. To make your reservations, please contact the Convention Secretary by texting 239-297-5377.

*Check-in date will be July 12th at 5 pm*


Breakfast: 8:30 - 10:00 am
Lunch: 1:45 pm
Supper: After Church
Morning Speaker(s):  10:30 am
  Visiting Ministers

Night Speaker:  7:30 pm
   Bro. Billy Brock



F L H  F C  2021